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Moorish inspired bath


The walls were floated to the plane of the sheetrock so the tile would finish with a smoother transition. The tile was a mixture of Moorish style and the roman mosaic blend on the floor. The niche over the toilet was created on site and custom built. The layout was carefully arranged so that all the joints were staggered and we could still achieve large pieces whenever possible. We were also able to make the decorative border connect throughout the whole room, which is extremely difficult when turning corners. The flush tile for the glass door enclosure was a solution on site to allow the door to close without hitting the raised liner pieces. 

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European style villa


This is the entertainment home on the property and was created to resemble a European villa. The stone used was reclaimed Limestone and was set into wet mortar because of the thickness difference of each piece. We had to create the layout as we went along because all the pieces varied in size, shape and color. The 6000 square feet of limestone covered both the inside and outside of the house and helped to create the feel that the designer was trying to achieve.

The bathrooms were finished in natural stone and done to create the same rustic feel. There were two niches in the powder room finished with a glass mosaic design of birds and flowering vines.

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Beach Chalet and
retro bath


The tile for the master bathroom steam shower was based on the mosaic in the Beach Chalet. It was purchased at Integrated resources and delivered to Karen Thompson of Archetile to pull from the mosaic sheets and carefully create the same pattern.


The smaller white and black bathroom was done to replicate the original bathroom style, but the colors were changed to suit the clients taste. The tub, soap dish, toilet paper rolls, lights, toilet and sink were all vintage and helped create the old bathroom feel as well.

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Classic & contemporary


The house was built and designed speculatively hence the clean design. The master bathroom was done in Calacatta stone and white ceramic tile. The ceiling inside of the steam shower was done in the barrel shape to allow for water drainage and was a nice addition to the design instead of doing a flat ceiling with minimum slope. The floor design was to create a rug with a border of glass mosaic and the stone inside on a diagonal. 

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